Wonder Woman Reading

Wonder Woman Reading

The Life of a Superhero

What do superheroes do when they aren’t out saving the world? Well, they don’t call Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman because she is a superhero. She also got her name for how she loves to help out her community. When duty does not call she is at the local elementary school reading to the children.


I made this by finding the Wonder Woman image with a plain white background and an image of children sitting around somebody that was sitting like WW was. I then used Photoshop to remove the white background and I then pasted her on to the children photo. I edited the image in Flickr to give the whole image a similar color.

This was a challenging assignment because it is not easy to find superheroes doing normal things and not kicking or posing. Even though this assignment was hard it was really fun once I found this Wonder Woman image and my ideas starting coming to what she should do.

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