Advice for the future…

Advice for the future…

You will not regret taking DS106. Do not drop this class! It may seem like it is going to be too much work at first, but it is fun. When I first received the email from Professor Bond warning us about the class, I will admit, I almost dropped it since it is my last semester. I read the advice from past students and it made me feel a little bit better about this class. The first week was intimidating because nothing was working for me when I had to set up my website. This really made me feel like a sign telling me this was going to be how the class was going to go. I emailed Professor about website problems, and he emailed back not too long after. This made me feel like, even though it was an online class, I wasn’t doing this alone.

This class was actually a great thing for me. I learned a lot about different forms of storytelling through media that I had not realized before. Although I had a full load of credits for my last semester here, this class was a breath of fresh air. It was the class that I would work on in between my hard classes to help clear my mind and be creative! All the assignments are open to everyones creative thoughts. You get to do what you want and what you come up with may surprise you!

I honestly think that everyone should take this class. Don’t be afraid of the workload. It is manageable as long as you do not wait until the last minute!!! I will really miss this class, I feel like I always filled in my gaps in life with these assignments, so now I feel empty.

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