Birthday Cat

Birthday Cat

Daily Create Story:

There once was an overweight cat that had no home. He was did not have any friends and it was his birthday. Nobody had acknowledged that it was even his birthday. He loves to run when he gets upset, it helps take his mind off of things. Some say he runs so fast you can’t tell if it is a cat or a car go by!

A lonely mouse sat on a fence and was eating some seeds he had found when all of a sudden he saw something zoom past him! He could not tell what it was. He asked himself, “Was it a car or a cat I saw?” All he saw was something big and orange. He decided to get down and follow this mysterious thing he saw.

After a few hours, he finally caught up with the big orange thing. It was a cat! At first he was afraid but then saw that the cat looked sad. He asked, “What is wrong?” and the cat replied, “It is my birthday and nobody cares!” The mouse replied, “I know how you feel, nobody knew mine was last week… stay here and I will be back in 1 hour.” The cat replied with a quick meow.

As the mouse promised, he returned in an hour. He returned with a party hat, a birthday cake, and a candle. The cat did not know what to say! He was in shock that the mouse did that for him. The mouse sang happy birthday to him in his high pitched voice and the cat blew out the candle. The 2 ate the cake and have been friends since that day.


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