Guess the song?

Guess the song?

10 Second Song Mashup – 3.5 Stars

For this assignment I had to chose some songs and do a mashup of just 2 seconds of each song to see if you can guess the songs. I chose all pop/upbeat songs for this assignment. I also chose songs that I feel like sound kind of similar. Try and see how many you can get right!

I made this song mashup using GarageBand. Some reason when you convert from Garageband to iTunes it adds a few seconds to it, but in Garageband it really was 10 seconds long!

I really enjoyed this assignment. I think it is fun guessing songs from just short clips of them. I think a fun assignment would be just playing the first few seconds of a song because usually when you listen to the radio you hear the first part and already know the song.

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