Listening Through the Week (5)

Listening Through the Week (5)

This week was audio week. My first impression was not great. I hate hearing my voice on recording because to me I sound like a 4 year old little girl. Even though I was dreading this week of audio assignments, I went in with my head up high. The only way I can learn audio story telling is by doing so.

We had to listen to the Mood Graffiti audio and reflect on it. It was very interesting and it was a great way to start the audio week off. It made me realize that you don’t always need video to go with sound. If the sounds are good enough they will tell the story on their own. My reflection is below:

Moon Reflection

I did not know what to expect from the DS106 radio but it ended up being really neat. We listened to an episode of Jessica Jones. It was really odd to listen to audio of something that is supposed to go with video. Although I did not know what was going on 100% of the time, it still gave me a good idea of what the episode was all about. My post and tweet along tweets are below:

Tweeting Along With The Radio

There were a few ideas that popped into my head when I thought of a super hero themed radio. I thought it would be neat to have s few people be the voice of a comic book, interview a superhero, or just get a story from a superhero. I don’t know what you were 100% looking for but these are some of my ideas below:

Super Radio Ideas

I didn’t know what to do with my radio bumper at first. I decided to listen to past student bumpers to get an idea on what you were looking for. I went with something simple like introducing myself, where it was at, and what the radio name is. My radio bumper for Super DS106 is below:

My Radio Bumper

This was probably the hardest part of the week. I am not very creative with sound so I was not excited to do this. Once I got started it got better though and ended up enjoying it somewhat. Check out my superhero’s soundtrack below:

Merciful Mise en Place Soundtrack

Assignment Banks:

The sound effect story was probably my favorite part of this audio week. It took me awhile to figure out what my story would end up being but when I finally figured out what I was going to do, it was smooth sailing from there on out. I chose a scary story for this assignment because usually scary stories have a lot of sound effects like someone walking, owls hooting, creepy laughing, old phone ringing. There are particular sounds that come with scared emotions so that is why I chose to do a scary sound effect story. Now that I think about it I could have incorporated my super chef into this assignment by doing a sound effect story of her making a dish! Maybe when I get some time I will. But for now check my scary story out, don’t get too scared:

Who’s There?

I did the audio assignment where I had to create my own sound effects. Since we had to include out superhero into an assignment, I chose this one. Merciful loves the sound of people cutting into the food she has made and the sound of dishes being done. You can listen to them below:

Sounds only a super chef would love

This other audio assignment that I did was interesting. I had to pick an instrumental of a song and a vocals only song and mash them together. I did not know where to start because you want to pick songs that sound sort of similar so that the songs will actually sound good together. I started with country but I had a lot of problems finding vocals only country so I switched to pop. I ended up with Jealous Cowboy, check it out below:

2 in 1 Song

Daily Creates:

The first one I did was for what confusion looks like. When I saw this it made me think of this cat illusion. Is he walking up the stairs or down the stairs? The more I look at it, the more confused I get. I am going to guess doing up because I own a cat and she walks up the stairs like that, when she goes down she puts both paws first. But who knows all cats are different!

The other daily create I did was a video of something cooking. Lucky for me I was visiting my grandma this day and you know how grandmas are! They are always cooking up something good! This day she made chicken parm. I made sure to get a close up of them so you could hear the sauce cooking! I can just smell it now!

The other daily create I did was what my 2 fears are. I am terrified of birds (I do not know why) and dark hallways (for obvious reasons). I combined the two fears into an image and added a scared stick figure running in fear using photoshop.

Overall, I am proud of myself for trying this week. I know my audios are not the best, but it was my first time trying this stuff out. I hope to spend more time later on to get more practice and be more comfortable using audio.

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