Merciful Mise en Place needs some help!

Merciful Mise en Place needs some help!

For this week I brainstormed and partly began my final project. Even though we knew about this project last week, I was way to busy getting things done for other classes so this one was on the back burner. This was also one of the last things I have done this week because I couldn’t think of what to do. At first I really loved the idea of how my superhero represents myself but I could not think of how I could show that through different forms of media. Ultimately I decided to create a sidekick for my superhero!

Here are my ideas for using media for my project:

  • Design my sidekick: His name is Icy Hot Helper and I designed him this week (see below)
  • Manipulate a classified ad looking for a side kick (Using X-Ray Goggles)
  • Radio wanted ad
  • Make social media page for sidekick so superhero can see before interviewing him
  • Audio call (interview for the job) between superhero and sidekick
  • Design poster/advertisement for Merciful Mise en Place and her new sidekick.

*I will include all my media into one post. The one post will tell the story in between each piece of media.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.47.09 PM


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