Mericful found her sidekick!

Mericful found her sidekick!

Merciful Mise en Place is in need of a sidekick! She is so busy helping people and tending to her food truck that she needs some help. She needs culinary help and someone that can protect her from villains when she is in the zone.

She posted this hiring ad to find the perfect sidekick.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.42.17 PM

A few days after posted the hiring ad, she received a phone call… She is a very busy lady so she decided to interview the caller over the phone.

The interview went well and she found herself a sidekick!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.53.23 PM



Summary of this week:

This was a very crazy week at school, especially since I am graduating this semester. I had more ideas for this project but did not get around to them because of my busy schedule. Luckily I found some time this week to make 3 medias for my story. I first used X-Ray Goggles to manipulate the code of a webpage so that my superhero could put out an ad for wanting a sidekick. This was fun, but took awhile to think of what I wanted it to say exactly. My next media was audio. I recorded the interview between my superhero and the potential sidekick. I used a voice changer app on my phone and then edited the sounds together using Garageband. This was really neat to do, because I could make it however I wanted. The third media I did was design. For this, I created my sidekick and then made a poster introducing the new super duo. I used Keynote to remove backgrounds and add the captions and the people.

Overall, this project was really fun to do. I wish that I did not have so much going on at school, work, and life. If I had more time I would have dove deeper into more media.

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