Moon Reflection

Moon Reflection

The Moon Graffiti audio was very interesting. Even though there were no images I could use the sounds to create an image in my head. The sounds of this really brought the whole thing together. The tones of the voices, background music, and then sounds of the space craft were all what helped to make this audio so great. Sounds bring emotion and I could feel emotions just listening to it.

Sound most definitely drives stories. It drives them by using different sounds to bring upon different feelings. Certain sounds make you scared, sad, happy, or mad. When movies use scenes with different sounds they give off different moods.

I found this video that I think really shows how sound makes a scene. In the video below theses 2 guys took a scene they created with no words and used 2 different sounds. One is more of an action song where it makes it seems like the 2 guys are about to fight. The other one is a happy song that makes it seem like the 2 guys are just happy to see one another. This really gives a simple example of how sounds really set the tone for things.

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