Not so Inspirational

Not so Inspirational

Design Assignment: Contradiction Creation

Contradiction Creation

For one of my assignment banks I chose Contradiction Creation where I was asked to take an image that conveys a feeling and then overlay text that is totally contradictory to the image’s feeling. I love to go to the mountains because it is just so quiet and peaceful, so that is the theme I chose for the background. I then placed overtop text with a kind of snappy/mean/funny feeling to it. You would expect a peaceful inspirational saying but instead you get one telling you to stop acting like you know everything, because clearly you don’t. I enjoyed this assignment because I think contradictory images are hilarious. This was really hard to do because I found so many quotes that were funny and it was hard to pick just one!

I actually used Powerpoint to add the text to the image because it was quick and familiar to me.

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