Photo Mania

Photo Mania


  • Make an artistic closeup photo of an ear- human, animal, whatever.
  • A photograph of something old or aged today.
  • An interesting shadow.
  • Challenge: Silhouettes are an interesting way to abstract a subject.
  • Someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours.
  • Animals takes patience. Make a photo of an animal: pet, domesticated, or wild
  • Make a photo of a thing is not like the other two in the picture (e.g. 2 dogs and a cat)

For this assignment I had 20 minutes to go around and take pictures of things found on my list.

I started my photoblitz at 5:44.


First was a closeup photo of an ear. In my case, I chose my cat’s ear. I decided to take this photo from this angle with her body, tail, and eye so you can see that it is a cat. I think cat’s ears are better than human ears so that is why I took a photo of hers.


The second was a photograph of something old or aged today. It took me a few minutes to think about what to do for this one but then I looked down and it came to me. My old Converse shoes that I have had for 8 years. These shoes are old but still holding up great. They have aged well and I still wear them. They have been all over my middle school, high school, UMW, the beach, mountains, amusement parks, and so many more places. I took this picture in front of a window to get the best lighting.


The third was an interesting shadow. At my house we have this frame that I had given my mom for Mother’s Day last year. I always noticed this shadow so I knew exactly where to go for this one. I love that it clearly says MOM in the shadow. I included the frame and picture in the photo to get the perspective of where it was coming from. I made sure the picture was able to be seen also because my Mom is a mom because of my sister and I.


The fourth photo was a silhouette of something. This was the last thing I could think of. It finally hit me as I ran around the house and I remembered taking silhouette photos of my cat by this window. I grabbed my mom and snapped this picture by our front door window. I liked having the colorful tree in the background and the dark silhouette of my mom. I used Flickr to make the contrast of the photo brighter to make the tree pop more.


The fifth photo was to take a picture of someone else’s art and to make it my own. Luckily my sister is an artist and I had a lot of art to choose from. I decided to take a fake ceramic orange that she made and pair it next to a painting she had done of a lime/lemon. I used 2 art pieces and put it into 1 to make my own art. I had to hide my hand and take the photo at an angle where you couldn’t see my hand. I had to make sure my orange was on the bright side of the painting so it would look a bit more like it fit in. I finally edited the image in Flickr by putting a filter over it to make it seem like the 2 were actually meant to be in the painting together.


The sixth photo was of animals. It specifically said ‘Animals takes patience’ which I took as an animal being patient but now that I think about it, it was probably trying to say that it takes patience to get a picture of an animal but I am not too sure. I thought it was a animal being patient at the time, so that is what I did. I got my Mom to hold my cat’s favorite food so I could capture a photo of her being patient. I took this photo at the level my cat was at to get a better perspective of her and what she was looking at.


The final photo was a photo of a thing not like the other 2. I immediately thought of an old picture from when my cat was little and she was sitting next to 2 fake ceramic cats. I quickly grabbed 2 ceramic cat decorations from the house and set them next to my cat. She doesn’t like to sit still so that was hard to do. I snapped this right before she walked away.


I finished right at the 20 minute mark at 6:04.

End Time

Overall I think this was a really fun assignment! I enjoyed the challenge of thinking of photos to take in a time crunch. Luckily I got a good list where I could use my cat because she likes her picture taken. Some of these were really hard so that is why it took me up until the last second to finish this photoblitz. It is interesting what things were coming to my mind to take during the challenge compared to what photos I could have taken while I am writing this post. It was hard to think of the best way to take a photo when you are in a rush but I think I tried my best to get the best lighting and angles.

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