Photographing Week 4

Photographing Week 4

This week was so far my favorite. I love to take pictures, even though they may not always be the best. I did try this week to take my time, focus on lighting, and paying attention to the moment.

I have always enjoyed photography but never went any farther to take classes in it. Taking a picture in a certain way can really make the photo turn out better. A great photo can tell a story with no words. Watching SuperGirl to find cinematography points was quite easy. In the first 15 minutes I had already found a few examples. It made me really think how important it is to use perspectives and lighting when making a show. Below is where I reflected on photography:

Reflecting on Photography

Assignment Banks:

For 1 visual assignment I chose to do the Brady Bunch remix. I decided to use my family and call us the Crazy Bunch. I enjoyed making this! If I got to see all my family members more often I would have gotten us all to take pictures with the same background like the Brady Bunch has. My post is below:

The Crazy Bunch

The second visual assignment I did was taking a picture with my pet. When I saw this one I had to do it. I have so many selfies with my cat. I thought this would be easy but then I remembered I would have to pick 1 out of the million I have. After going through them all I found the perfect one. Check it out below:

Selfie with my bestie

I ended up doing 3 visual assignments because I forgot that I had to include my super hero in one after I had already got the stars I needed. I picked the peaceful places assignment and created a collage with Merciful Mise en Place’s peaceful places:

Mericful’s Peaceful Places

We also had to pick from 2 visual assignments and I chose the Life of a Superhero one. This took a lot of time to think about and figure out what I was going to do. I had a lot of ideas but I had to find 2 photos to mash together to get what I wanted. Once I found Wonder Woman reading, I knew I wanted to have her read to kids in her free time. Check out my post below:

Wonder Woman Reading

The photoblitzer was really fun! I was nervous to start it because I knew I only had 20 minutes and it sure was stressful. If I had more time this week I would do it again! My photoblitz post is below:

Photo Mania

Daily Creates:

One daily create I did this week was about the most defining moments in my life. I have many so I made a GIF of my top 4. First would be meeting my boyfriend in October of 2013. Second would be getting into UMW in December of 2013. Third would be graduating high school in June 2014. The most recent would be getting my dream job at Dominion Energy in May of 2017. These are all moments in my life that I will never forget and have shaped me to be the person I am today.

Another daily create I did was making a poster for a New Olde Occupation. I chose the Goldfish-Catcher. I started to make a poster for it and it came to me to do it for Petsmart. I mean somebody has to catch the goldfish in the tanks that people want to take home, right? I found the image of a cat catching a fish and had to use it. I used Powerpoint to make this poster because it is easy to use and add images and text.

The other daily create I did this week was for International Dot Day. When I saw this I immediately thought about when I was back in elementary school and always made ‘art’ in the Paint program. I always made things in the shapes of dots and filled the colors into different pieces of the dot. So that is what I did. I used Paint to recreate some art that I thought back then was the coolest thing ever.

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