Progress of Sweet n Sour

Progress of Sweet n Sour

My radio group, Sweet n Sour, is coming along greatly! It was very nerve racking at first to think of having to work in a group online on a big collaborative project like this one. Once my group formed and we got started, I started to feel much better because we all got right to work organizing things on a Google Doc. We all gave ideas and started to do our part, everyone has been working great together and nobody is procrastinating (THANK GOODNESS!!).

Olivia, Kelsey, and I did radio bumpers. Courtney did our intro and Kelsey did our conclusion. I made a promotional poster and so did Olivia. Courtney did our logo. Kelsey made our radio sticker. We all did a commercial each. We all did commercials about our superhero and I think this is great. Everyone has done such great work! My group has some really awesome audios and images that we put together.

We plan on doing a radio show with stories from our superheroes.

We have the flow of our radio show also: (Introduction message – We all introduce ourselves – commercial – character story 1 – commercial – radio bumper – character story 2 – commercial – radio bumper – character story 3 – commercial – radio bumper – character story 4 – concluding message)

We have done so much already and I can’t wait to see what our final product ends up like!

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