Reflecting on Photography

Reflecting on Photography

I do not have much experience with in depth photography. As a kid I always loved to be the one that took pictures but I never got any farther into it than that. I had opportunities to take photography classes but never took them. Currently I take a lot of photos. Photos are such great ways to capture memories so I never miss a chance to capture moments.All my photos are taken on my phone. I don’t think digital cameras are popular anymore nowadays. I remember being younger and thinking I was the coolest kid in town when my mom let me use her digital camera. I mostly take pictures of my family during our time all together. My boyfriend and I also take a lot of pictures together. I would say that about 85% of the pictures that are on my phone are of my cat. She always sits or lays or does something cute, so I always take pictures of her. I do not have a particular approach to taking photos other than making sure the main point of the photo is centered. I do not normally try to capture particular feelings in the photos I take.

Tactics that I learned from the resources would be quite a lot. I should try taking photos at different angles in order to get a different perspective on the moment. I should also try to focus more on making sure the lighting is right. If the sun is  behind the person, maybe they need to face the sun so the lighting will be going at their face, not coming from behind them making the image darker. I definitely should also try to take more time when I am trying to capture a moment. I should slow down and make sure the moment is captured in the best way possible. Taking into consideration all the photography tips that the resources gave me, I hope that I can improve the photos I take from now on. I should also try to think more about what could tell a story. What things can be captured in a photo but tell a story? I will definitely have to try hard at that because I don’t normally think of things like that. Single images that can tell a story or give you a feeling are very interesting to me so I would like to try my best to do something like that.

While watching SuperGirl I captured some examples of cinematography points:

Background: The background of the city gives a great perspective on where this is taking place and how SuperGirl is flying.

Lighting: This silhouette effect of the villain flying down gives the viewer a feeling of suspense in not knowing who this is.


Perspective: This scene has the view from where SuperGirl is above the woman and car. This perspective gives the viewer the idea that she is flying and not at the same height as the other woman.

I found these examples just in the first 15 minutes of the show. Using the cinematography points to your advantage can really make a show/image without having to say anything. I never noticed things like this before but I can only imagine how boring shows would be if it was all taken at 1 perspective and all the same lighting.

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