Movie to Comic

Movie to Comic

From Screen to Page – 4 Stars

For this assignment I had to take a movie scene and design it into a comic. I am not a big movie fan and I wanted to stick with the superhero theme. I decided to choose Suicide Squad. Out of the whole movie, this scene from the bar is my favorite. I found the bar scene on Youtube and screen shot the parts that I needed. I then took the screenshots and used Online Photo to Cartoon Converter to make the images look more like a comic book does. I then made a collage in the order that I wanted and added their words in. I honestly didn’t even think about adding the ‘GRRR!’ sticker until I got to that part. It seemed weird to just type ‘GRRR!’ so when I found that sticker it was perfect! I wish that the scene was a bit brighter so that the villains would be easier to see but other than that I think it turned out nicely.



4 thoughts on “Movie to Comic

  1. Nice job! I’m curious, was it a conscious decision to make the frames with Killer Croc slightly bigger than the other frames, or did it just work out that way? It definitely conveys a dominance in his size on the page. 🙂

  2. Love this movie. Also, I think this was a perfect scene to put into a comic strip!! Awesome job with the fun and creative word bubbles!

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