Suicide Squad Music Change

Suicide Squad Music Change

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For this assignment I had to take clips from a movie and place music over it to change the scene feeling. I decided to use Suicide Squad again because I had already downloaded clips from my video essay. I watched the clips and thought about what songs would change the feeling of them.

The first clips I did was with Harley and The Joker out running Batman in their car. I overlapped this scene with the song Youth by Troye Sivan. The scene is intense but I added that song to lighten the mood and make it more about the couple. It worked great because the song says:

-What if, what if we run away
What if, what if we left today
What if, we say goodbye to safe and sound
What if, what if we’re hard to find
What if, what if we lost our minds
What if, we looked and fall behind and then never found
And when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
And the stars exploding
We’ll be fireproof-
Which I feel like really fit the Joker and Harley’s personalities and relationship.
The second clip I chose was the Suicide Squad at a bar. Instead of a sad/dramatic bar scene I decided to pump it up with some upbeat music, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.
The last clip is The Joker and Harley where he is talking to her and about to hurt her. I decided to also lighten the mood by adding Obsessed by Mariah Carey to it. I thought it seemed fitting because she says ‘You’re delusional’ and ‘Obsessed with me’ which makes it seem like that is how the Joker is about Harley.
I used iMovie and my own iTunes songs to create this video.

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