Suicide Squad Video Essay

Suicide Squad Video Essay

For my video essay assignment I chose to use a scene from Suicide Squad that really stood out to me. It stood out the most because of the use of cinematic effects that are presented in it. At first I was worried about this assignment because I know nothing about film but after reading the articles and watching the clips, I felt a bit more comfortable. I learned a lot about:

  • Reverse shots and how to film dialogue inside the space of the conversation or from behind
  • Using wide lenses to show the environment around the speaker
  • Having a parallel story to keep the audience interested
  • Group shots with characters not looking in same direction and having non-important characters out of focus or in the back
  • Movement with background weather will visually and sensually add to the background of the story
  • The ‘Chair’ has more meaning to it then I thought
  • The person on the right is more dominant than person on the left of the screen

This scene shows many of these film concepts. They use a wide screen to show background, movement on the plane to give a feel of the environment, shots of the squad but all looking in different directions, lighting hitting the faces of those speaking, and a few more. Check out my video essay to see it all!


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