Summary of Radio Part 1

Summary of Radio Part 1

This week was quite stressful! I do not like audio at all so mixing it with a group project had my anxiety up. Luckily my group is wonderful and have allowed my worries about this week to almost go away. We have gotten a lot done with our radio show this week and I look forward to what else we will come up with. Check out our progress below:

Progress of Sweet n Sour

I enjoyed making a promotional poster for my group’s radio show! I tried to use some design techniques like balance with the text. I am not a big audio person so I was really excited to be able to make a poster. I used photoshop to remove all the backgrounds from our characters and then combined them all over the background that I chose. I wanted to add to the effect and make their reflections show so I googled how to make an image reflect and did this for each character. Our characters are all so different but they all look great together! Jester is the villain in our group which is why I chose to put him on the side with ‘SOUR’ and with Charlie Sass pointing her gun towards him. Check it out below:

Sweet n Sour Promo Poster

4 Stars – A couple of us in the group did a radio bumper for our show. I chose to do one to let people know to stay tuned for the ‘Sweet n Sour’ show. I wanted it to be upbeat so I found an exciting background song. I did not want it to be my normal voice so I altered it to sound like a robot. I think it turned out pretty good! Check it our below:

Sweet n Sour Bumper

3.5 Stars – Everyone in my group did a commercial for our radio show. I did mine to advertise for my superhero. I had mentioned earlier this semester that if you needed cooking help you could download her app or call her so this was my audio ad for it. This was tough to do because I didn’t want to have my normal voice so I used Voxal to alter my voice. I am not 100% happy with this but that is just because I am not good with audio things. Check it out below:

Do you need help in the culinary department?

4.5 Stars – I really enjoyed this assignment even though it was very time consuming. I really liked going through and picking songs and listening to them in the nursery rhyme. Even though I feel like it could be better, I am still excited with what I came up with. I think it would have been neat to do the remix with only one genre but the lullaby or poem you pick limits the songs you can use. I would recommend to anyone else doing this to pick one that has common words, not like Twinkle!! Check out my remix below:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Remix

Daily Creates:

I did this daily create for my kryptonite. My kryptonite is reading. I absolutely hate to read and I also have. I can never focus enough to read books, so when I do, I have to read the page over sometimes because my mind tends to drift off. There is not a time that a book has not made me tired. It is like I open the book and I immediately get sleepy. I found the image of books off of Google and then used my Bitmoji that is sleeping. I removed the background around her image and pasted it to the book image.

I also did the daily create for changing. The example was a leaf, so I decided to head out into my back yard to collect different colored leaves from single trees. I found 4 different trees (I have no clue their names) and picked the different colored leaves. I like the contrast of all the colors. It is crazy to me that the leaves change color at different times. I used to make the collage of photos and add the caption.

One I did was the one about what an Amazon Echo looks like. This was funny to me because I work at Dominion Energy and I had noticed these new things on the poles. I had just sent a picture of this to my co-workers and asked what it was. One of the replies I got was, “It is an Amazon Echo.” I then happened upon Twitter and saw that this was the daily create. It was perfect!


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