Super Chef Jacket for Sale

Super Chef Jacket for Sale

For this web story telling assignment I decided to use my super hero. She loves her chef jacket and wanted to share it with the world at an affordable (for what you get) price. She sells the chef jacket that she wears on This is a fashionable yet safe piece of clothing. It doesn’t burn, it is quick dry, cools fast, and can’t be cut through. The kitchen can be a dangerous place so this is a must have for any chef. There are many colors that it comes in like; Rare Steak Red, Apple Green, Beginner Smoke Blue, and Burnt Toast Black. There are only 5 left, so you must order soon! Every chef jacket comes with a handbook of culinary tips and measuring conversions.

super chef jacket

The link to my website is here: Super Chef Jacket

The link to actual website: Chef Jacket

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