Super Chef on Social Media

Super Chef on Social Media

Socialize Your Media – 3.5 Stars

For this assignment I had to make different social media accounts for someone else. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to put my superhero, Merciful Mise en Place, on some social media sites. She uses the top sites right now like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She uses them to promote herself, give cooking tips, and update friends/family/fans on what she has been up to!

Twitter- She uses Twitter to attract the younger generation. This way she can let them know who she is and she can help them with what they need. She talks about her day on here, gives quick cooking tips, and promotes her interview on the popular DS106 Radio show.

Merciful Twitter

Facebook- She uses this site to talk more detailed about her days. She keeps up with family, friends, and fans. Her profile picture is her in the Caribbean! She loves to add frames to her profile pictures and found the perfect one that says ‘Food Not Bombs” because she is all amount food and peace. Here people can get to know Merciful better, her education, past jobs, where she is located, and much more!

Merciful Facebook

Instagram- She uses this site for posting pictures! What is a chef without posting photos of your foods? She shows off her new culinary toys, promotes her food truck, and gives cooking tips.


This is one post she made. Here she is promoting the new BBQ Tacos that people can find on her food truck! They are new and ready to be eaten.


This other post is how she likes to share cooking tips. She makes foods, takes photos, and shares them on here. This was a great tip for people with children that don’t eat their vegetables! Every kid loves Mac & Cheese, especially with bacon! So when you sneak in the broccoli, they won’t even care!



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