The Crazy Bunch

The Crazy Bunch

We are the real life Brady Bunch! – 4 Stars

BeFunky Collage

For this visual assignment I had to showcase my family in the Brady Bunch format. I decided to call mine, “The Crazy Bunch” because we are a crazy family! Although they are crazy, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Everyone in my family would do anything for one another. I have a very large family, but I decided to choose the family members that I am closest to. My grandma, Mom, other grandma, sister, grandpa, myself, my cousin, and my Dad. My mom and grandmothers do not like their photos taken so it took me awhile to find ones of them. I tried to pick images that my family members were looking away or around to make it appear more like the Brady Bunch collage.

For this assignment I used to create my collage. I chose the 9 square collage and uploaded my images to each square. I lastly added in the font in the middle. It did not let me put filters on my images so I had to upload the whole collage to flickr and edit it there.

I thought this assignment was really fun. I enjoyed looking through pictures of my family and bringing back memories of each one.



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