Thoughts on SUPER DS106

Thoughts on SUPER DS106

Throughout my life I have never been a fan of Superheroes. I never bothered to ever watch Batman, Spiderman, etc. Neither my sister nor I were ever interested in comic books or movies with Superheroes in them. My boyfriend is a big fan of those kinds of movies but I still yet I have never watched a Superhero movie and do not plan on it. The closest I have come to watching one was Suicide Squad, but I believe they are more evil villains than heroes so I am not sure if that counts or not. Plus I only watched it because Jared Leto was in it. I am still excited about this class and I think that the Super theme could be very interesting because everyone has their own ideas on superpowers.

If I did have to chose to be a SuperHero, I would probably be some sort of CatWoman. Maybe KittyKate? I would be able to hear very well, see in the dark, climb up and into small places, run fast, sleep a lot, be super flexible, and of course, ALWAYS land on my feet. Here is what my costume might would look like (thanks to Halloween 2013) and my cat, Kissie, as my sidekick:


I think it would be interesting to work together with other students as Superheroes (and maybe work against some villains) to tell digital stories about saving the world!

Maybe this class will make me more interested in Superheroes, but only time will tell.

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