Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Remix

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Remix

A Story of Lyrics – 4.5 Stars

For this audio assignment I had to pick a speech, poem, or nursery rhyme and then use other songs to make it. I thought this would be easy but as I started working on it, I quickly realized why it was worth so many stars. I love music and know so many lyrics, but when you want to think of words in a song on the spot, my mind goes blank. I ended up just going through YouTube to find lyrics that would fit Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I then downloaded the songs and brought them into Garage Band. Here I clipped the songs to get the words that I needed. Some songs I thought would work great but then when they were in the nursery rhyme they were unrecognizable. Words like ‘You’ and ‘Are’ were really challenging because most songs sing those small words fast. I got lucky with the second verse and found songs that worked for two words in a row, which made this so much easier. Eventually I figured out some and I think it turned out alright! Check it out below!

The songs in order are:

Your Just in Love – Keely Smith

Little More Country Than That – Easton Corbin

Flaming Star- Elvis Presley

Thats How Country Boys Roll – Billy Currington

I Just Called to say I Love You – Stevie Wonder

We Three Kings of Orient Are – Jennifer Avalon

What Do U Mean – Justin Bieber

Are you Ready – Taylor Swift

Teenager in Love – The Wailers

The World is Mine – David Guetta

So High – Rebelution

Diamonds – Rihanna

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