Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Where do your shoes take you? – 4 stars

For this assignment I had to video my life showing where I go. It was kind of strange at first just videoing my legs/feet but then it got neat because I would go different places and change my clothes/shoes. I did this on Sunday when I visited family members in Glen Allen, VA. My goal was to video every hour but I kept forgetting. I chose to use snapchat to video through because I could add the time it was taken and the location of where I was. I used iMovie to edit all the clips together and then add music over top. I chose the song ‘Wherever I go’ by One Republic because I thought since the assignment was about where I go, it seemed fitting. I also had a problem with the video clips. For some reason I uploaded them to my Mac but they wouldn’t work in iMovie, so I had to upload them to Flickr and then download them to my computer, and it finally worked. I thought this would be easy but it ended up being a pain! I don’t know why some of the videos went horizontal when I shot them vertically but I couldn’t figure out how to flip them so I just had to go with it. Overall I think it turned out good. Take a peek at where my shoes (or socks) take me during my day!


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