Web Week 9

Web Week 9

This week was web week! While reading the assignment post, I got worried. I saw we had to change code of websites and I got super nervous. I am currently in a programming class and it is not easy so when I saw that we were going to do that I was not excited. But then I kept reading and tried out the X-Ray Goggles. I then realized that this is not what I was thinking it would be. I worked with the goggles, just getting some practice, and I thought it was the neatest thing! This week was really awesome!

One assignment we had to do was the Web Story Telling one. We had to alter a website using the X-Ray Goggles and make a story. I had no Idea what to do until it finally hit me. I thought about incorporating my superhero into the assignment. I decided to alter the page of a chef jacket and make it Merciful Mise en Place super magic jacket. I had a good time going through altering Amazon.com. Once I figured out what to do, I really got into it and got more creative the more I typed. I could see where people could alter sites and send fake news/things to people now. Check this super chef jacket out below:

Super Chef Jacket for Sale

We had to do this assignment or another one but I chose the photos through different lenses one. It was not as easy as I had thought it would be! I thought 10 different images was too many but I eventually figured it out. It ended up being fun trying to find places to take pictures of my puzzle pieces. Check it out below:

iSpy Puzzle

I really enjoyed this web assignment! It was really fun to make new accounts with my superhero being the person using them. I got to get into her mind and think like a super chef would! I used the top social media types that people use now. I didn’t photoshop these, I actually made accounts for her. The only thing I did not enjoy with this assignment was figuring out an email to use for these sites. But overall, I would recommend everyone to try this assignment with the superhero they created because it gives you a chance to show them as being a real person.

Super Chef on Social Media

This was a really interesting assignment! I never knew that the way back website existed. I enjoyed going through and seeing how websites have changed over time. I choose YouTube because it is popular and videos have changed over time so I wanted to see how the site changed also. I am not sure if there were not video icons in 2005 or my computer browser was messing up but either way, the site has changed dramatically, for the better! Check it out below:

YouTube Throwback

I really enjoyed listening to the DS106 Radio and my classmate’s shows. I wish I could have listened Tuesday night but unfortunately had class. I know I can just go listen to them on SoundCloud, but I felt like listening to the shows on the radio made it so much better. Check out my reflection below:

Reflection on Radio Shows


Daily Creates:

The first Daily Create I did was for palindromes. I remember hearing “Was it a car or a cat I saw” before. I decided to find an image to put this caption with. I thought of maybe doing a cartoon of a cat chasing a car but then I found this image of a car that looks like a cat and I had to use it.

The second Daily Create I did was for DS106 mice. When I read the post I happened to be sitting by my cat’s toy. You put treats in the toy and then they play with it and the treats come out. I decided to take a picture of it because as DS106ers we give our creative treats to the world! I placed it next to the netting of the window to give the mouse a hatching pattern over it.

The last Daily Create I did was the small drawings one. Since we had to incorporate our creates into a story, I used this one to add to the story. I drew a small mouse and cat having a birthday party on the top corner of my notes. It would have worked better if I had a finer tip pen and if I was better at drawing. At first I took a picture of just the cat and mouse but you could not tell the size so I took one from farther away so you can see the size comparison of my drawing to my notes from class.

Daily Create Story

This week we had to do our Daily Creates and then make a story out of them. I was glad we knew before hand about the twist so that I could base my creates around similar things. I decided to stick with a cat and mouse theme so check out my story below:

Birthday Cat

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