Week 10 – Videos

Week 10 – Videos

This week was not what I had expected! I expected this to be one of the worst weeks because I do not like making videos but so far I feel like it was the best. It was great to learn about the cinematic effects that film makers use. I will now not be able to watch a movie without thinking about these concepts. I know the assignment you said would be more videos next week if we don’t do the radio show, so I am excited!


The movie I chose for the video essay was Suicide Squad. I think this movie has some great scenes and the way the scenes are shot really make them stand out to me. I downloaded the clip I needed from YouTube, trimmed it, and began making my essay on iMovie. I recorded my voice and placed it over top of the movie scene. I made sure my voice is louder than the scene so I adjusted the volumes on both. This was not my favorite assignment this week but check it out below:

Suicide Squad Video Essay

We got to choose between 2 assignments that we had to do and I chose the Life Hack one. I thought it was going to be hard to do but it ended up being really fun! I really enjoyed filming and editing it. I love to watch those videos on Facebook where people create things so it was fun to get to do it on my own. If you want to know how to fold your clothes in a clever way to save space when traveling, check out my post below!

Clothing Life Hack

One assignment that I did this week was to video where your shoes take you. I thought this would be an easy assignment but it ended up being hard. Overall I enjoyed it and would even do it again! I liked using Snapchat to capture my videos and show times and locations. Check it out below:

Walk With Me

The other assignment I did was hard but fun! I had to Vine my healthy dinner. I am picky so my healthy is not other people’s definition but it works for me. It is hard to Vine and make dinner but I think it turned out great. I enjoyed this assignment and I like that I can understand how/what is being made in the Vine. Check it out below:

Vine Dinner

I did my last video assignment about a 6 second art. I thought this would be simple until I started drawing things and realized that even the simplest of drawings takes more than 6 seconds to draw. I had a bunch of ideas but the time restraint made it hard. I used my computer to record my drawing of a butterfly and then edited it in iMovie. If you want to learn how to draw a bad butterfly, check it out below:

6 Second Butterfly

Daily Creates:

One I did was for accidentally typing the wrong thing into google images but then not being upset with what the result was. This had actually recently happened to me when I was looking up haircuts a few weeks ago. I accidentally typed ‘haircats’ instead of ‘haircuts’ and I was not one bit disappointed!!

The other one I did was for doubles day. I had to take a picture of something I saw that was in doubles. When I saw my sister’s 2 cats curled up into 2 small furry balls of fluff, I thought it would be perfect for this. In this case, 2 is definitely better than 1!

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