Week 11 Videos

Week 11 Videos

I was really excited coming into this week of videos again. I have taken a liking to doing them! All the assignments I did this week were really fun and I enjoyed spending time editing them all. This is what I did this week:


I was not too sure on what exactly we looking for in the final crisis but here are my ideas below:

Superhero Crisis

The 2 minute silent documentary was really fun to do! I don’t love to have myself and my voice on video so this was nice because it had to be silent and it had to just show what I made. My superhero made some chocolate cookies so check out how below:

Two Minute Cookies with Merciful Mise en Place

Mericful Mise en place loves her convection oven! It saves time and is convenient. Her 1 seconds story is a mystery story of what is coming out of the oven when that timer goes off. Check it out below:

1 Sec Video

I really enjoyed this assignment. I got to use clips from one of my favorite movies and change the scene with music. I thought it was really fun to fit different music to a scene and give it a different feeling. I liked that the songs I chose fit well with the scenes and what they were about. Check it out below:

Suicide Squad Music Change

Daily Creates:

For this one I did pop art of my cat.  I thought about using a product like Andy Warhol does but then I saw this picture of my cats nose and eye. I used the website and generated my picture. I don’t love the colors that they used and I feel like it is too saturated because not all pictures turn out and look like what they are. But this is still a quick and easy website if that is what you are looking for!

The other one I did was for illustrating an idiom. I found an image of a cow online and added in the green and dollar signs to make a CASH COW.

The last one I did was for what is behind the DS106 door. I chose to take a picture of the computer that all my DS106 creative gets made on. I placed a filter on it from the app, Prisma.

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