Week 12 Summary

Week 12 Summary

I did some mashup assignments the first week of class and really enjoyed it so I was excited for this week. I did some photo, audio, and video combinations! I had never used the Remix button but it was actually fun to do. Check out what I have done this week!


We had to do a tutorial for this week on an assignment. I chose to use this combination video as an example. iMovie is very simple to work with so hopefully for anyone with a Mac will get some help from my tutorial below:

Combining Clips Tutorial


Since we had to remix one assignment that we have done before I chose my favorite, the 2 acts mashup. The mashup I chose to do was of 2 different Jokers sitting across from each other. The remix asked me to make it look visually like Jackson Pollack art. I thought this was a great remix because Jackson Pollack has some crazy art so it really fits with the Jokers.

Jokers meet Pollack

The second remix I did was on a visual assignment. It originally asked to make it seem like you took your pet to UMW but the remix asked to make it Dr.Suess. I used the Lorax as my pet and brought him to campus to see all the foam in the fountain!

Dr. Suess at UMW Remix


One mashup this week was taking images from 2 different movies and putting them into one. I will have to give credit to the idea from my boyfriend for this one. I have never seen these movies but after he explained his idea and I out it all together, it made sense. This was a fun assignment! I actually used the remix button because the remixes are really neat.

Delorean with Millennium Falcon Remix

Another mashup I did was for 2 movies in 1 line. I chose a scene from Men in Black and Suicide Squad. This was a hard assignment because you either have to watch the whole movie or know exactly where you want the line from. I think the lines I chose fit well together, I just wish the background scenes were more similar to make it seem like it actually happened.

2 in 1 Line

The last mashup I did was a audio clip. It was to choose songs and then clip them to just 2 seconds long to see if people can guess the songs by just the split 2 seconds that they hear it. This assignment was really fun to do!

Guess the song?

Daily Create:

For this daily create we had to re create a family photo. My cat is part of my family so I chose these 2 images. The top one was not long after we got her as a kitten, when I was 5. The bottom picture is her and I a few years ago in a similar pose. I love this re creation!

For this daily create we had to take an image and make it black and white but let red shine through. I chose this image from Busch Gardens of a strawberry shortcake. I chose this because the color of the red is so vibrant in person that I knew making the rest black and white would really make it pop! I used the website Fotor.com to create this.

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