Week 8 Daily Creatings

Week 8 Daily Creatings

We only had to do 2 Daily Creates this week! This are the 2 that I did:

The first one was about unlucky uncliché. Is Friday the 13th really unlucky? I would have to say no! I used to think so until I met my boyfriend and then I realized that that day is a great day. He was born on Friday Oct 13 in 1995. That was a great day that an amazing, selfless, caring man was born, so for me, the day is not unlucky. I used this photo of him from Oct. 13, 2017. I would say I am lucky to have spent that ‘superstition’ day with him!

The other daily create that I did was the one with extreme minimalist art. Something that is simply done, but still beautiful. I immediately thought of this photo I took of my cat not too long ago. She loves her little round cat tree that she can curl up into perfectly. I captured this photo while she was by a window with natural lighting coming in. I love the roundness of my cat and the round cat tree canopy. I decided to use Cutmypic to crop out the side of the square image to make it a circle. So a furry circle ontop of a fluffy circle inside a sharp circle. Pretty minimal if you ask me!

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