Week 8 Summary

Week 8 Summary

Well it is already week 8! Half-way through the semester and all the way complete with our radio project! I am very excited to be done with our radio show. It was definitely not easy but overall I really enjoyed it and my great group made it so much better. I am glad that we had 2 weeks to do it and that you helped us by making the small things due the first week and then the individual stories due the second week. I think that it really helped to get a good place to start and get ideas flowing. Throughout the whole project I used the Voice Changer app on my phone to change my voice and I used GarageBand to edit everything. I tried to use Audacity but it was too confusing for me and I am much more familiar with GarageBand. My group kept a Google Doc so that we could organize and talk all in one place. We never met in person to do the project because we are not all on campus so having the Google Doc was very helpful! When my group got everything posted to SoundCloud, I used http://9soundclouddownloader.com/ to covert the SoundCloud links to MP3. From there I uploaded them all in the order we chose to GarageBand. We all have different voices so I tried my best to make sure they all sounded the same volume by adjusted each sound’s. I then uploaded it to Soundcloud and now you can listen to it! You can check it out in the post below:

Sweet n Sour Progress

This week we only had to do 2 Daily Creates. I personally loved the 2 that I chose to do because I got to use my boyfriend and my cat in each one. I really enjoy doing the Daily Creates! Check out my post about how/why I did them below:

Week 8 Daily Creatings

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